How do I get over someone
I don’t want to get over?

My heart still stops beating in my chest
when your name comes up
and your picture still sends my head
spiralling out of control.

I don’t know how to stop this,
this feeling of my heart being squeezed
so tightly
I’m drowning without water.

It’s hard,
seeing you smile
when that smile
was always meant
just for me.

I don’t understand
how feelings can be there one day
and gone the next.
How do you tell someone
“I don’t love you anymore”
and mean it?

I’m still not over you.
My eyes still desperately search for you
in every crowd
and I still wake up every morning
with the same emptiness
you left behind.

I miss you so much.
I keep foolishly rooting for us.
There’s a tiny part of me
that still won’t accept
you’re gone.
No matter how hard I try to bury it
it’s still there.

They say the only good thing that came out of pandora’s box
was hope.
But hope is what keeps me up at 3 in the morning
listening to the demons whispering
and I wake up
to soaked pillows
and a heart
even more battered
than the one I’d fallen asleep to.

You know what they say about hope,
it breeds an eternity of misery.

How do I get over someone
I still hope
isn’t over me?

I don’t know how to let go. And I’m not sure I want to. -gaa (via mysterygrl13)

I hate you so much. So much for doing this to me. Words cant describe how much I despise and hate every inch of your pathetic body.